About Me

I'm a Los Angeles based Production Director / Account Manager. Born and raised in Texas, moved here after graduating from Columbia College with a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts. I have been in the experiential world for about 14 years and on the advertising side of it for about 7 of them.  

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Experienced Production Director with a demonstrated history of working in the advertising and media industry. Strong professional skilled in design, research, experiential, and activation. Driven and willing to go the extra mile, while highly creative, thinking outside the box for clients such as Facebook, Blizzard, Leo Burnett, Posterscope and more.


I am currently the Managing Director for Illumivation Studios. My role wears many hats. Client facing as well as oversight for production. My attention to detail call outs and ability to foresee the known unknowns in this industry have proven to be priceless skills which have saved me, my clients, and my company a lot of headaches and money. I enjoy being involved in every aspect of an activation; from brainstorming the creative to contract negotiations to being up at 5am making sure production is going as planned. It's a fun industry.


I started out by throwing parties in the woods in Texas around 17 years old and that escalated quickly. Eventually I found myself renting out farm land, booking bands and overseeing a small team to have better parties. At 20 I started a lifestyle company called Cliché Culture, we made clothes and threw events, it was around that time that I moved to New York. 

 In New York I was hired to host weekly events in the Lower East Side. I also organized events for a local Hip Hop label and a few side companies. I lived in Bed Stuy where my apt had the only access to the basement of the building. I decided to commission a local skate shop to build a half pipe in the basement so long as they could have skaters from out of town skate it at their leisure. That basement became a destination for private events and taught me a lot about the power of taking people out of their routine and creating a small fantasy world that they can loose themselves in. I've been in love with this industry ever since. 

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