The Ask

Absolut wanted to have a custom work by Dan Tobin  prepped to stand upright for an Earth Day activation. Dan's work had never been presented as such. His process has always been to arrange found trash on a flat surface and photograph it from above. This project was a collaborative effort between a lot of teams all working in tandem. 

The Catch: Permits

We had two options for the activation, outside The Brig (a very cool bar on Abbot Kinney) or LA Live outside the Microsoft Theater. The Brig was the first option, the building owner was very amenable, the space didn't require much to get everything setup and permitting was going to be a breeze. However, the client went with LA Live for more visibility. This is when I learned the systematic insanity that is LA Permitting. I had about two weeks to get everything figured out and prepared, I was VERY lucky to have the LA Live team behind me as they were able to use their influence to expedite a handful of processes. Through this process I learned a few useful tricks of the trade for local permitting solutions when dealing with alcohol, signage, events, as well as street closures. It was a wild ride and the experience was invaluable. 

Layout on the ground.

Street closure of heavy machinery on LA Live property. 

Teaser for big reveal party on Earth Day.

Teaser Video by ABSOLUT

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