Mc Café

The Ask

McDonalds wanted to highlight their McCafé S.I.P. protocol, a supply chain method for their coffee that focuses on working with farmers to maintain sustainable practices.  This was to be a publicly accessible  experience to take place in downtown Chicago. 

The Catch: Chicago Winter

Chicago in the winter is not the best place to activate a full buildout. The biggest concerns are the blistering cold temperatures, high winds, and constant threat of heavy snow or rain.  Luckily our connections at Daily Plaza were EXTREMELY amenable to our requests. This allowed to us utilize an enclosed structure, fast track permitting, run power, supply A/C heat, draw water from the building and more. Through diligent planning and communication through out this process we were able to provide the client with a damn near 1:1 replica of their request. 

Internal shot of walk through.

External shot of dome structure

The Chicago public enjoying free McCafé Coffee.

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